Can’t Leave The House Without It

I am obsessed with Perfectly Posh’s The Healer Skin Stick. I once accidentally forgot it on the coffee table before I went to work and I was irritated all day that I didn’t have it by my side. You wouldn’t think typing all day would dry out your hands but it does!! So I rub this stick on my cuticles a few times a day and I get a whiff of the lovely orange creamsicle fragrance                                                                                            . f636ac006e826dd9efa460b096b01401

I haven’t had any children yet, but I still have some not so sexy stretch marks. After I saw some pictures of before and afters of other gals I’ve now been applying it to my tummy a few times a week and the pink lines are fading a bit. I’ll keep it up and hopefully have results like this :


If you would like to pick up a stick for yourself (or 3 like I always have on hand!) You can purchase it here . How would you use The Healer once you get your hands on one? Comment below and let me know!



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