Review – I’m Turning Blueberry Facemask


My delivery of Perfectly Posh just came in and the first product that caught my eye was the I’m Turning Blueberry Facemask. First of all the packaging is super cute and instantly makes you think of Willy Wonka (which was obviously Posh’s goal) The smell is amazing! Not too sweet. More like a fresh basket of blueberries. 

I didn’t smell any yogurt actually, it was just all blueberry. I left this on for about 15 minutes and I swear on my dog Butters my face has NEVER felt this soft. I even washed my face after with my BFF cleanser to make sure the softness wasnt a film on my face and nope it was still so baby soft! This is the 5th mask I’ve tried from Perfectly Posh and it is my favorite so far. There are even blueberry seeds in the mask so you can exfoliate when you go to rinse it off. If you would like to see what its like to have a face as silky smooth as Michael Buble’s voice you can pick it up Here. If you’ve also tried some of Perfectly Posh’s masks which is your favorite?


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