Welcome Welcome Welcome!

My love of Perfectly Posh could not be contained so I decided to start an all new blog. Perfectly Posh is a line of pampering products (Think Bath & Body Works or LUSH but sooo much better!) I discovered Posh a while back and was instantly hooked so I figured while I’m stocking up on everything Posh offers, I might as well become a rep for them so I can share Perfectly Posh with all of my friends and family.  I decided to make my 3 year old Papillion dog Butters my official mascot so you will see him on here often.


Perfectly Posh uses the best ingredients on earth featuring the most luxurious butters oils, fruits, and flowers from every corner of the USA and across the globe. Look over our labels. You’ll recognize the simple, natural ingredients, and essential oils we use. Let your skin remind you why you deserve nothing but the best. Enjoy over 100 delicious products to pamper YOU. Here are just a few of my favorite things about Posh… Everything is naturally based. No Gluten or Soy Fillers No Parabens or Paraffins No Sulfates or SLS. We do no animal testing and no animals are harmed in the making of our products.We have lots of Vegan products! It’s affordable!! Everything is under $25 and is Buy 5 Get 1 Free. 


So go check out my site Perfectly Posh to see for yourself all the awesome pampering Perfectly Posh can provide you! You can also join me on Facebook for giveaways, news, and all things Perfectly Posh. I wanna know if you could only pick just 5 items from Posh what would they be? Comment below to be entered into a drawing to win a free deluxe sample kit!


6 thoughts on “Welcome Welcome Welcome!

  1. I’m glad I found you! This whole WordPress thing has got me lost…I’m use to Xanga…from back in the day. Anyway…you got a new follower *me* and I’m just as obsessed with my dogs as you are and as adamantly against children. We might need to be new bffs. haha


    • Lol we’ll I wouldn’t say I am adamantly against children, theyre cute and fun in small doses. Wow Xanga I remember that I think I was like 18 the last time used it. Most likely ranting about my parents, frsshman year in college, and how boys are jerks haha


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