Butterfly Puppy

So as you have probably surmised by now I am pretty obsessed with my dog which also makes it obvious I don’t have kids. Not that I have anything against those smelly little beings, I just don’t feel like enough of a grown up yet to take the leap and become a PARENT.


Whenever I’m out and about with Butters I get asked what breed he is. When I say Paillon I always get the HUH?? look. Papillons is French for Butterfly after their beautiful butterfly wings like ears. The hair can be super long too if your dog is show quality aka super expensive. Butters is just ACA registered, which really means nothing except hes probably not wining any Purina Dog Shows any time soon and I didn’t have to sell all my worldly possessions in order to get him.

ch wildfire on the rocks

Some Random Fancy Dog who probably lives better than you do.

Papillons are almost always on the top 10 list of smartest dog breeds. Which also means he needs constant attention. My boyfriend has taught him no less than 25 tricks and he absolutely loves to learn them. This is not the kind of dog that will sleep all day and just live to eat and poop.


Butters frolicking at the lake

Papillons were popular in Europe beginning in the 15th century. Marie Antoinette is said to have walked to the guillotine clutching her small dog under her arm. Here are a few examples of people who are dead now who had Papillons


So why a Papillon? Furthermore why a Papillon as my first dog? My boyfriend did his research to see which dog breeds got along well with cats and Papillons were always around the top of the list. We didn’t wanna get a dog and then never see our cats again because they were being harassed  by this new addition.

Butters just turned 3 years old on the 4th of July and everyday he makes me so happy and pisses me off all the the same time. Hes a real handful but hes also my partner in crime. Were attached at the hip. So in my experience if  you’re in the market for a low maintenance dog, than a Papillon is not for you. But if you want a dog that does more than just lick his butt all day get yourself a “Butterfly” dog 🙂

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